• Recycling

    Introduction to Battery Recycling

    Each year, Americans throw away nearly 3 billion batteries. When batteries go into landfills, there are potentially hazardous heavy metals that threaten the health and safety of our community and our environment. Cadmium, mercury, lead, and lithium are just a few of the toxic chemicals that can leach into our soil and groundwater systems. Proper disposal of batteries is essential…

  • News

    Comprenew Announces New Location in Plainfield Township

    Comprenew, a nonprofit electronics recycler and refurbisher, announced this week their plan to move from 5157 Northland Dr. to a new space at 4186 Plainfield Ave across from Lowe’s. This new location is easy to spot from Plainfield Ave and is just 1.5 miles from I-96. A grand opening is scheduled for Monday, March 1st, and hours of operation will…

  • Digital Divide
    Comprenew First Steps Kent

    Comprenew partners with First Steps Kent to offer technical assistance to Childcare Providers

    The onset of the COVID-19 public health crisis has had a devastating effect on the childcare industry. According to The Kent Resource Center, 41 percent of child care providers in Kent County that were open in January of 2020 were closed as of October. The future of our economy hinges on the reopening of childcare providers and efforts are underway…