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    refurbished electronics

    Why Refurbished Electronics Are the Key to Sustainable Technology

    From computers and tablets to smartphones and more, technology is a part of our everyday lives — there’s no getting around it. Unfortunately, our increasing use of electronics is having a serious impact on our environment in the form of using up rare minerals, air and water pollution, high energy consumption, and landfills full of e-waste. But there are ways…

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    closing or downsizing your office

    Closing or Downsizing Your Office? 3 Ways Comprenew Can Help

    If you’ve decided to close or downsize your office location, you’re definitely not alone. According to a survey taken in August 2021, 69% of U.S. businesses had permanently closed some or all of their offices since March 2020, and an additional 41% of businesses chose to downsize their office space. The primary reason? A transition to remote or hybrid work.…

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    partnering with comprenew

    Partnering With Comprenew Is a Triple Threat for Your Bottom Line

    We’re sure you know that recycling electronics is beneficial to the health of our planet…but did you know that it can also help you meet your business goals? It’s true. Partnering with Comprenew can help you meet your bottom line initiatives in three areas: people, profit, and planet. Here’s how. People: Your Corporate Social Responsibility Policy What steps is your…