Secure Technology Asset Disposition

The Highest Recycling Certifications and the Strongest Process

certified electronics recyclingWe are certified to the highest standards in the electronics recycling industry. In fact, Comprenew is the only e-Stewards-certified recycler in Michigan, and the only non-profit electronics recycler in the world that is both R2 and e-Stewards certified. We adhere to a strict zero-landfill and zero-export policy for all electronic waste, and we employ rigorous downstream tracking and accountability.

Among other things, Comprenew’s e-Stewards certification requires us to:

  • Properly destroy all sensitive data
  • Operate with a tight chain of custody
  • Manage toxic e-waste by the highest standards to protect workers and the environment
  • Guarantee responsible downstream management of toxic materials
  • Utilize ethical labor
  • Not export toxic e-waste to developing countries

Our Comprenew’s R2 certification requires us to:

  • Prioritize electronics refurbishment whenever possible
  • Properly destroy all sensitive data
  • Monitor workplace health and safety
  • Maintain legal compliance
  • Carefully track all equipment
  • Maintain sufficient insurance to cover operations

Secure Technology Asset Disposition

secure IT asset disposition ITADComprenew helps corporate clients manage the process of asset recovery while assuring ITAD-related data security and environmentally safe asset disposition. Comprenew’s Secure Technology Asset Disposition services represent a holistic, programmatic approach to asset recovery and IT asset disposition. Established in 1986, headquartered in Michigan, and serving clients nationwide, Comprenew is recognized worldwide as an environmental and data-security leader. 

As a full-service IT asset disposition (ITAD) services provider, Comprenew offers a complete range of secure technology asset disposition services. You can choose the specific ITAD services you need to complement your capabilities, or let us handle the ITAD process from start to finish. 

Custom ITAD Services

Recent shifts in the digital workplace and accelerated the development and use of remote work environments. During this time, the rapid growth of mobile, “smart,” and IoT data devices has significantly increased the volume and variety of assets requiring secure technology asset disposition services. At Comprenew, we understand these complexities and the growing compliance risks, and we help collaborate with clients to identify the ITAD services and processes necessary for each client’s specific business environment. 

Many of our IT asset disposition services are summarized below.

Decommissioning & On-Site Services

Several on-site services are available for added security and convenience, including mobile hard drive shredding and data device destruction. Our team of experts also offers on-site decommissioning of server and network environments, telecommunication systems, and other IT infrastructure.

On-Site Collection & Packing

As part of our secure ITAD services, we work with clients to identify and implement secure on-site asset collection processes and storage environments. The objectives are to maintain physical and data security while minimizing the potential for asset damage. Our services can also include on-site packing to minimize transit-related damage and environmental risk while maximizing potential asset credit. 

Nationwide Secure Transportation & Logistics

nationwide electronics recycling pick-up

Comprenew offers nationwide pick-up using its own trucking fleet and its network of rigorously vetted certified electronics recycling partners. Assets are tracked upon acquisition, and cargo remains secured through and after the arrival at Comprenew’s central processing facility. For clients requiring additional transit security, we also offer single-client sealed truckload transportation. 

Secure Chain of Custody

Comprenew maintains a secure environment throughout the entire disposition process. Our controls ensure all assets are securely managed and tracked. From the moment of acquisition, we maintain a secure, documented chain of custody to assure the destruction of data and track each asset through the disposition process—whether that results in refurbishment, redeployment, recycling, or destruction. Our tracking systems create an audit trail, giving our clients end-to-end visibility through each part of the IT asset disposition process. Certificates of recycling and data destruction are available to our clients.

Physical Security

ITAD security - access controlOur central processing facility employs:

  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • Secure environments for data-bearing devices
  • Access controls for sensitive storage and processing areas within the facility

Data Destruction

mobile shredding and onsite technology decommissioningAll data-containing devices are held in a secure area under 24/7 video surveillance. This includes hard disk drives, as well as solid state drives, flash media, and other data-containing devices. Assets with data storage capabilities remain in secure, access-controlled spaces until all data is destroyed. We offer both complete shredding of data-bearing devices and removal of device data using leading industry practices for media sanitation. Comprenew is certified to the highest international standards and is audited by third-party organizations on a regular basis to confirm that your data is being handled properly.

Refurbishing & Remarketing

refurbished electrons storeComprenew minimizes environmental impact by promoting reuse before recycling. All refurbished assets are tested for functionality. Data within any data-bearing has been destroyed, and any client asset tags have been removed. Refurbished assets are available online at and in a network of retail locations. Services associated with employee sales are also available. 


refurbished and redeployed electronics; ITAD servicesComprenew works with clients to maximize the value of technology assets through the life-cycle of those assets. When appropriate, most often as the result of a technology refresh, we help clients by auditing and refurbishing computers and other electronic devices for redeployment in a different part of the client’s operations, eliminating the client’s need to purchase new technology.

Electronics Recycling

Electronics RecyclingComprenew’s philosophy is to refurbish, resell, and redeploy computers and other electronic technology devices, whenever possible. When these assets are unable to be refurbished or reused, they are disassembled and recycled by our highly-trained, certified professionals. Components are routed into streams of commodities that can be reused or converted into raw materials again.

Asset Credit

ITAD services Asset CreditComprenew offers corporate clients asset credit for positive-value assets such as laptops, desktops, and servers. We apply this credit to service costs associated with the disposition of negative-value assets. In doing so, we help clients minimize their costs associated with end-of-life asset disposition services.

Online and retail sales of refurbished electronics enhance our services to corporate ITAD services clients; post-refurb, direct-to-consumer sales through and our network of physical stores increases the amount of available asset credits for our ITAD clients.

Complete, Customizable Reporting

Our transparency throughout the ITAD process gives our clients the assurance we can not only handle their IT asset disposition needs, but also minimize the ITAD risks of data security and proper environmental recycling, while maximizing asset recovery values. 

Our tracking and reporting allows clients to have full visibility of their assets throughout the disposition process. Reports can be customized to client needs. Certificates of disposal and data destruction are available to document compliance with applicable regulations and removal of such assets from fixed asset and personal property tax schedules. Comprenew also offers impact reporting, which focuses on sustainability metrics.

Ancillary ITAD Services

Comprenew offers a variety of additional ITAD-related services, including:

  • Employee Collections
  • Employee Sales
  • Lease Return Management
  • Software Harvesting
  • Redeployment Systems Imaging

We Make it Easy to do the Right Thing.

  • Secure e-waste disposition and Asset recovery.
  • Mobile shredding and on-site services.
  • Nationwide pick-up.
  • Certificates of destruction.

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