Corporate Services


• Our DataRIP™ Security Services Program destroys data, keeping you fully compliant with confidentiality standards, with options to shred, or sanitize hard drives.
• We have a Mobile Shredding Unit for convenient data destruction at your location.
• We provide a Certificate of Data Destruction that includes the make, model, and serial number for each asset.
• We can schedule transportation of e-waste from your facility.
• Our 20/20 Asset Buy-Back Program credits you for some of your reusable assets and offers a discount in Comprenew stores for your employees.
• We will host e-waste recycling events for your employees or community.

What Makes us Different

Comprenew is certified to the highest possible standards in electronics recycling and data security. We are only nonprofit in the world, and the only electronics recycler in Michigan certified by both e-Stewards and R2. Your charitable donation goes right back into the hands of the community by helping us provide low-income people with computer literacy and job-readiness training. Call us today at (616) 451-4400 for more information.
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Data Security

Asset Recovery


Comprenew holds the highest certifications in the world for electronics recycling and data security.

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