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    Comprenew retail stores

    Frequently Asked Questions: Comprenew Retail Stores

    If you’re new to Comprenew Retail Stores, or to electronics recycling in general, you probably have questions. In the hopes of providing answers to at least some of those queries, here are the most common questions our store managers receive. Where Are the Comprenew Retail Stores Located? Our retail store locations and hours are as follows: PLAINFIELD AVE STORE 4186…

  • IT Asset Disposition
    fee to recycle electronics

    Why Do I Have To Pay a Fee To Recycle Electronics?

    If you’ve asked this question before, you’re not alone — it’s a common question in our industry. Most IT asset disposition (ITAD) companies charge fees to businesses and individuals alike when recycling certain items. We understand that it might be frustrating to pay a fee to recycle electronics — especially if you are used to recycling other items for free…

  • Digital Divide
    refurbished electronic equipment

    5 Benefits of Purchasing Refurbished Electronic Equipment for Your Business

    Purchasing electronic equipment for your business can be overwhelming. Not only can the process be stressful—especially if you want to stay under budget—but it can also be filled with uncertainty: Which brand is best? Which supplier should I use? Will my warranty cover issues if any arise? Fortunately, purchasing refurbished equipment diminishes these and other major concerns. In fact, there…