• Digital Divide

    Comprenew rewards businesses for qualifying IT equipment to support low-income families

    Comprenew is a local nonprofit electronics recycling and data security company committed to keeping electronics out of landfills and providing families in-need access to technology. Since its founding in 1986, Comprenew has recycled over 50 million pounds of electronic material with a strong emphasis on reuse. They specialize in servicing financial, medical, and legal industries along with municipalities and small…

  • Recycling

    Data Destruction vs File Deletion

    Right Click, Delete. It’s how most of us remove a file from our computer and make space on a hard drive, but in many cases deleted files can be easily brought back with data recovery software. When a file is deleted, you are telling the computer that you are done with the data, but it is really still there until…

  • News

    A chance to save, a chance to give at Comprenew

    A chance to save, a chance to give at Comprenew! Purchase a computer at Comprenew this December and you will be automatically entered to win a full refund on your unit. Not only that, but we will donate twice the amount to a nonprofit organization of your choice! Offer valid in-store only. Drop-in any of our West Michigan locations 10-6…