Data Destruction vs File Deletion

Data Destruction vs File Deletion
January 11, 2021 Comprenew

Right Click, Delete. It’s how most of us remove a file from our computer and make space on a hard drive, but in many cases deleted files can be easily brought back with data recovery software. When a file is deleted, you are telling the computer that you are done with the data, but it is really still there until something else takes its place. It’s not actually gone, it’s just harder to find.


To protect your organization and your clients, use a secure data destruction method instead. There are two popular methods used by certified electronics recyclers and ITAD providers.


Data Wiping
At Comprenew, we use a 3-step data wiping process in a video-surveillanced and secure area to ensure that all data is properly removed. This option is most environmentally friendly and allows the device to be reused.


Hard Drive Shredding
Hard drive shredding can be performed on-site or at our facility. Our machinery is capable of shredding into 1.5-inch pieces, rendering the device impossible to use.


Never assume that by deleting a file it is gone completely. Hiring a professional and certified electronics recycler is always best practice.