What are Barriers to Employment?

What are Barriers to Employment?
March 15, 2019 Comprenew
comprenew barriers to employment

There are many people who want and need to work, but face certain conditions that may make steady employment difficult to acquire. Individuals with such barriers may include people with a history of mental or physical health issues, criminal background, or substance abuse. Veterans, domestic violence survivors, teenage parents, refugees, and those with a lack of work experience, transportation, or child care arrangements also face unique challenges in the workforce.

People facing one or more of these barriers often experience employer bias and workplace discrimination. Often times these barriers are almost insurmountable and require a lot of guidance and understanding to overcome. Learning English, training for new skills, and finding resources for child care can be both expensive and time-consuming. Employers, managers, and policy-makers can all help empower individuals facing barriers to employment.

In partnership with numerous area agencies, we aim to give people experiencing barriers to employment a chance to expand their skill set under Comprenew’s guidance by aiding us in the recycling process. To learn more about our job-readiness program, visit: comprenew.org/get-involved/social-impact

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