Social Impact

Digital Equity

A good home computer is financially out of reach for many low-income families, yet the pandemic made it clear that a home computer was absolutely essential. Comprenew works with regional school districts, social service agencies, and refugee resettlement organizations to identify low-income families in need of a home computer. We provide them with a refurbished device. We also provide training upon request. Our goal is to close the digital divide while setting up families for success.

25% of families in the Grand Rapids Public School system do not own a home computer.

comprenew workforce experience

Job-readiness programs

We aim to give people with barriers to employment a chance to expand their skill set under Comprenew’s guidance. Individuals with such barriers may include people with a history of mental or physical health issues, substance abuse, veterans, domestic violence survivors, teenage parents, refugees, and those with a lack of work experience, transportation, or child care arrangements. In partnership with a number of area agencies and organizations, this program provides at-risk members of the community the opportunity to learn more about computers and other electronics by aiding us in the recycling process.
Members of  our job-readiness program do not handle any data-containing devices.

Nearly 30% of people living with disabilities in the state of Michigan are living below the national poverty line.

Learn about electronics recycling

Comprenew works to inspire the community to reduce electronic waste. Let Comprenew help your class, service organization, business or church group learn the importance of proper e-waste handling. Contact us about  scheduling a Comprenew staff member to present to your organization. In addition, we host tours of our facility for school, church, and community groups to learn more about the electronics recycling process and the hazards of e-waste.
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Each U.S. family disposes of 400 iPhones worth of e-waste every year.