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Paging and Call Systems Recycling and Disposition

Numerous industries from hospitality to healthcare use paging and call systems. If you have old or unwanted paging or call systems and devices, don’t throw them away. These devices contain materials harmful to the environment. Instead, get in touch with Comprenew. We make it easy to do the right thing.

Comprenew refurbishes electronic devices whenever possible. When refurbishment is not possible, we disassemble paging and call system electronics to recover components and route them into streams of commodities that can be reused or converted into raw materials again.

Some paging and call system devices contain personal information, while others don’t. When necessary, we properly destroy all data, either through complete shredding of data devices to small pieces or by removing device data using leading industry practices for media sanitization (NIST 800-88.)

If you have used or obsolete paging and call systems, take them to one of our drop-off locations where Comprenew will either refurbish or recycle these devices. You can also click the button to schedule a pick-up.

Comprenew also offers IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) through its Secure Asset Technology Disposition services.

Certified Electronics Recycling. It Matters.

It matters whom you choose. Unless you pay attention, your toxic e-waste can wind up in a landfill in a third-world country or shipped to a downstream trash vendor. That’s not how things work at Comprenew. We are certified to the highest standards in the electronics recycling industry. In fact, Comprenew is the only e-Stewards-certified recycler in Michigan, and the only non-profit electronic recycler in the world that is both R2 and e-Stewards certified.

Among other things, Comprenew’s e-Steward certification requires us to:

  • Properly destroy all sensitive data
  • Operate with a tight chain of custody
  • Manage toxic e-waste by the highest standards to protect workers and the environment
  • Guarantee responsible downstream management of toxic materials
  • Utilize ethical labor
  • Not export toxic e-waste to developing countries

Our Comprenew’s R2 certification requires us to:

  • Prioritize electronics refurbishment whenever possible
  • Properly destroy all sensitive data
  • Monitor workplace health and safety
  • Maintain legal compliance
  • Carefully track all equipment
  • Maintain sufficient insurance to cover operations

Choose Comprenew for computer and electronics recycling services. We make it easy to do the right thing.

Drop-Off Recycling

For paging systems, call systems, and other electronics you want to drop off for us to recycle or refurbish.

Need Pick-Up?

Secure Asset Disposition

Secure e-waste disposition. Asset recovery. Mobile shredding and on-site services. Nationwide pick-up. Asset tracking. Asset credit. Certificates of destruction. The only e-Stewards certified recycler in Michigan. We make it easy to do the right thing. Let’s talk.

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