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    Industry Meet-Up: Intro to our Job-Readiness Program

    Join us for Coffee at Comprenew to learn more about our job-readiness and computer literacy programs! Tour our electronics recycling/refurbishing facility as a great location for your workforce development clients. Learn about our Job-Readiness Program and how we can meet your client’s needs. We aim to give people with barriers to employment a chance to expand their skill set under Comprenew’s…

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    Open Source Software Comprenew

    Understanding Free and Open-Source Software is a Piece of Cake

    Open-source software doesn’t typically cost any money to download or use, and can be freely distributed by anyone. Most people would call this free software, and from a monetary perspective that would be correct. However, from a licensing and use perspective, this is not the case. So what does it mean to be open-source, and what is free software? To…

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    comprenew refurbished laptops

    Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Refurbished Computer

    Why is purchasing a refurbished computer your best option? This is a very good question, and one that we at Comprenew answer every day. Some people are put off by the “refurbished” tag, but it’s important to know what that actually means. Every Comprenew computer is cleaned and tested by our professional staff. Parts and pieces are replaced or upgraded…