• Volunteering
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    Service Learning Opportunities for Students at Comprenew

    ATTENTION TEACHERS & EDUCATORS! Have you been looking for a hands-on opportunity for your students to learn more about technology and environmental stewardship? We would love to host you and your students for a service learning opportunity at Comprenew! Learn about the environmental hazards of electronic waste Help dismantle old computers and other electronics for recycling Learn about computer parts and pieces…

  • Events
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    Industry Meet-Up: Intro to our Job-Readiness Program

    Join us for Coffee at Comprenew to learn more about our job-readiness and computer literacy programs! Tour our electronics recycling/refurbishing facility as a great location for your workforce development clients. Learn about our Job-Readiness Program and how we can meet your client’s needs. We aim to give people with barriers to employment a chance to expand their skill set under Comprenew’s…

  • Technology
    Open Source Software Comprenew

    Understanding Free and Open-Source Software is a Piece of Cake

    Open-source software doesn’t typically cost any money to download or use, and can be freely distributed by anyone. Most people would call this free software, and from a monetary perspective that would be correct. However, from a licensing and use perspective, this is not the case. So what does it mean to be open-source, and what is free software? To…