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    Comprenew celebrates their 30th anniversary!

    This March, Comprenew turns 30! In 1986, Comprenew began operations as a refurbisher of IBM Mainframe computer equipment. At the time, Comprenew served computer users and leasing companies located throughout the U.S. in two ways: by providing data security and by environmental protection. Computers and electronics often contain private data directly relating to the user of the device. Electronics also contain a…

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    Shopping Local for Black Friday Just Got Cheaper

    Comprenew’s retail stores are excited to announce that they will be opening their doors at 8 am on November 27 for Black Friday deals. All proceeds generated from each store helps fund Comprenew’s educational and workforce development programs for both adults and kids at risk. Some of the Black Friday deals include: Windows 7 netbook laptops starting at $75 17”…

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    Help Keep Michigan Green & Our People Protected

    Comprenew recently was awarded a grant from the State of Michigan to expand its PureMAPP electronic collection and education program. Comprenew currently has over 19 PureMAPP sites across Michigan and is looking for business partners to help sponsor 10 containers for 10 new drop-off locations. What is PureMAPP? Comprenew® partners with Michigan municipalities, counties, townships, cities, and the State of Michigan’s…