• Community Engagement
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    Father’s Day Electronics Recycling Event at Comprenew

    Are you looking for a fun way to give back to your community with dad? Do you have an interest in technology or protecting the environment? Comprenew is inviting families to come dismantle electronics for recycling and learn more about the hazards of e-waste. Each shift on Saturday, June 16 will begin with a short educational segment about the hazards of electronic waste…

  • News
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    Comprenew Announces Expansion into Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin

    Grand Rapids, MI – Comprenew is pleased to announce a significant expansion into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin, which will provide proper electronics recycling services to people in those communities. This geographic expansion builds on the strength of Goodwill of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (Goodwill NWUM), one of 155 independent Goodwill organizations. By partnering with Goodwill NWUM, Comprenew is able…

  • Community Engagement
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    Comprenew becomes an e-Stewards Digital Equity Refurbishing & Recycling Partner

    Comprenew is part of a new e-Stewards initiative to address digital inequities in low-income communities. The Digital Equity Program incentivizes large corporate partners to donate working or repairable electronics to e-Stewards certified facilities. The devices are then refurbished and distributed at discounted rates to people in need. The e-Stewards program was launched this month and Comprenew is proud to be a founding…