• Community Engagement
    comprenew workforce experience

    Comprenew does more than recycle unwanted electronics!

    You may know that Comprenew is an electronics recycler, but you may not know we are a nonprofit organization with a dual mission: to protect people, the environment and businesses from the dangers of e-waste AND to engage with the community to address the problem of under- and unemployment for at-risk individuals. Our community engagement programs serve a diverse population…

  • Recycling
    comprenew warehouse

    Where is Manufacturer Support?

    There are currently 25 states with “electronic take-back” programs. Michigan is one of them. These programs differ, but most require manufacturers of electronic devices to pay for the proper recycling of “covered” devices. A “covered” device is a product that has the potential of causing significant environmental harm if improperly handled. In Michigan, covered devices include CRTs, flat-screen displays, laptops,…

  • Community Engagement
    comprenew earth day

    Grand Rapids “Got the Lead Out” on Earth Day!

      On Earth Day, Friday, April 22, Comprenew was downtown Grand Rapids along Monroe Center collecting CRTs for certified recycling. CRTs are old-style (box shaped) TVs and computer monitors. Each CRT contains five to ten pounds of lead. Thanks to residents and area businesses, Comprenew collected over 2,500 electronic devices! Thank you Grand Rapids for “Getting the Lead Out!” Comprenew…