Electronics Recycling and Data Security

Electronics Recycling and Data Security
August 30, 2017 Comprenew
Comprenew Hard Drive Shredding

In the electronic recycling industry, when we use the term “data security” we are referring to the protection of data contained in devices with memory (such as computer hard drives, smart phones, printers, fax machines) from being accessed by unauthorized persons or entities. In this context, protecting data is about destroying it.

At Comprenew, our primary concern when handling used electronic equipment — whether it comes from a business or an individual — is to destroy the data on every device before refurbishing or reselling it. The work of data destruction is performed by our highly trained staff in a secure area and is the first step in the recycling and refurbishment process. We use two methods of data destruction, depending on the needs of the customer: shredding or crushing the media of the device (such as a hard drive) and clearing, or overwriting, the storage space on the media to prevent it from being retrieved. Learn more about Data Destruction


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