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    comprenew earth day

    Grand Rapids “Got the Lead Out” on Earth Day!

      On Earth Day, Friday, April 22, Comprenew was downtown Grand Rapids along Monroe Center collecting CRTs for certified recycling. CRTs are old-style (box shaped) TVs and computer monitors. Each CRT contains five to ten pounds of lead. Thanks to residents and area businesses, Comprenew collected over 2,500 electronic devices! Thank you Grand Rapids for “Getting the Lead Out!” Comprenew…

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    social impact Comprenew

    Comprenew Introduces Computers-for-Parents Outreach Program

    Comprenew’s new computers-for-parents program helps financially challenged families acquire a home computer and training. Comprenew’s goal is to close the digital divide while setting up families for success. Comprenew launched a pilot program last fall to address the digital divide that exists in our community. The computers-for-parents program is called This Is My Computer™ (TIMC) and is being offered to…

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    Comprenew celebrates their 30th anniversary!

    This March, Comprenew turns 30! In 1986, Comprenew began operations as a refurbisher of IBM Mainframe computer equipment. At the time, Comprenew served computer users and leasing companies located throughout the U.S. in two ways: by providing data security and by environmental protection. Computers and electronics often contain private data directly relating to the user of the device. Electronics also contain a…