Data Security

Our Standards & Process

Comprenew’s DataRIP™ security services program destroys data, keeping you fully compliant with confidentiality standards. Our highly trained staff will work with you to determine which data elimination method will be the best fit for your company. We adhere to strict quality control measurements to ensure that your data is being fully sanitized. Comprenew is the certified to the highest international standards and is audited by third-party organizations on a regular basis to confirm that your data is being handled properly. All data-containing devices are held in a secure area under 24/7 video surveillance.

On-Site Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

We can bring our state-of-the-art mobile hard drive shredding unit to your facility! This machine handles both traditional hard disk drives, as well as solid state drives, flash media, and various other data-containing devices. Once your data is shredded into small pieces, the scraps are brought back to Comprenew for proper certified recycling.

DataRIP™ Services

SHRED: Complete shredding of data devices to small pieces.
CLEAR: Removal of device data using leading industry practices for media sanitization (NIST 800-88)


All DataRIP™ options include a Certificate of Data Destruction that includes the make, model, and serial number for each asset.
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