Be a Steward!

By getting involved at Comprenew, you will be supporting our efforts
to protect the environment and provide opportunities to underserved people in our community.

Become a Comprenew Customer:

Comprenew provides a full spectrum of recycling, data security and logistics services. In addition to offering recycling collection points at our retail stores, we serve the entire State of Michigan with our mobile fleet that provides convenient device transportation ensuring secure chain of custody from pickup point to our processing facility. See our Services page for further details.

Give to Comprenew:

You can make a big difference in the lives of at-risk and marginalized people in our community! By supporting our programs, you not only help protect the environment, you help put people on a path to self-sufficiency and success. Donate Today!


Comprenew hosts volunteer groups who want learn more about environmental stewardship and gain hands-on experience by assisting with the electronics recycling process. Whether you are a school or church, coworkers at a business or organization, or just a group of friends interested in a fun activity that is good for the environment, contact us today to find an opportunity that best fits your needs at or call Lynn Houseman at 616.988.8274.

Host a Recycle Event:

Want to be a Champion of the Environment? You can, by hosting an electronics recycling event for your company, organization or community. We can customize these events to suit your specific needs – including establishing a permanent drop off location – anytime of year. For more information about our recycle event services, please call us at 616.451-4400.