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    comprenew cisco catalyst

    Cisco Catalyst Series of Intelligent Switches: A Review

    The Catalyst series of intelligent switches is a perfect solution for small to midsize businesses and hobbyists looking for a flexible platform that provides plenty of room for expansion and upgrades, while simultaneously maximizing network uptime. Cisco has always been at the forefront of developing innovative networking solutions for both business and home applications. Their products are always highly sought…

  • Recycling
    lithium-ion battery phone

    Lithium-Ion Batteries are Explosive: Recycle Responsibly

    Lithium-ion batteries are a type of rechargeable battery found in numerous electronic devices, including laptop computers, cameras, power tools, and cell phones. Although accidents happen infrequently, those that do occur may be spectacular, resulting in an explosion or fire. Garbage trucks, waste facilities, and recycling centers around the U.S. are seeing consumers put electronic devices with lithium-ion batteries into the…

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    Shop Local Black Friday thru Cyber Monday at Comprenew

    Comprenew is excited to announce that they will have discounts throughout the weekend both in-stores and online! Shopping with us helps support our mission to keep retired electronic devices out of landfills, while also providing computer literacy and job-readiness training to under-served members of our community. Thank you! IN-STORES: All 3 Comprenew retail locations will have 20% off store-wide!*  …