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    Comprenew First Steps Kent

    Comprenew partners with First Steps Kent to offer technical assistance to Childcare Providers

    The onset of the COVID-19 public health crisis has had a devastating effect on the childcare industry. According to The Kent Resource Center, 41 percent of child care providers in Kent County that were open in January of 2020 were closed as of October. The future of our economy hinges on the reopening of childcare providers and efforts are underway…

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    Comprenew rewards businesses for qualifying IT equipment to support low-income families

    Comprenew is a local nonprofit electronics recycling and data security company committed to keeping electronics out of landfills and providing families in-need access to technology. Since its founding in 1986, Comprenew has recycled over 50 million pounds of electronic material with a strong emphasis on reuse. They specialize in servicing financial, medical, and legal industries along with municipalities and small…

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    Data Destruction vs File Deletion

    Right Click, Delete. It’s how most of us remove a file from our computer and make space on a hard drive, but in many cases deleted files can be easily brought back with data recovery software. When a file is deleted, you are telling the computer that you are done with the data, but it is really still there until…