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    Greenpeace Report Card Assesses Top IT Companies’ Commitment to “Greener Electronics”

    Greenpeace recently published its “2017 Guide to Greener Electronics Company Report Card,” and it reveals there is room for improvement among the consumer electronics manufacturing industry in terms of reducing environmental impact. The report examined 17 top manufacturers of electronic devices. The highest grade was a “B” and only two companies achieved it. The highest percentage – 88% – fell…

  • Recycling
    Comprenew Hard Drive Shredding

    Electronics Recycling and Data Security

    In the electronic recycling industry, when we use the term “data security” we are referring to the protection of data contained in devices with memory (such as computer hard drives, smart phones, printers, fax machines) from being accessed by unauthorized persons or entities. In this context, protecting data is about destroying it. At Comprenew, our primary concern when handling used…

  • Community Engagement
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    Comprenew Connect Bridges the Digital Divide

    In the fall of 2015, Comprenew launched Comprenew Connect in partnership with Grand Rapids Public Schools Parent University, offering computer literacy classes for low income parents who lack computer skills and a home computer. Since then, Comprenew Connect has grown and is now offered at a number of organizations, including Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities Cook Library, Inner City Christian…