Data Security:

Comprenew’s DataRIP™ security services program destroys data, keeping you fully compliant with confidentiality standards.
• All DataRIP™ options include a Certificate of Data Destruction that includes the make, model, and serial number for each asset.
• Our Mobile DataRIP™ Vaults* are available for secure handling of all data storage devices such as hard drives and cell phones.

Shred & Verification
• Complete shredding of data devices to 1.5 inch pieces.
• Shredding of data storage devices at Comprenew’s controlled and secure Data Security Center
• Permanent on-site shredder placement and training

Crush & Verification
• Physical destruction of data device using a hydraulic press.

Clear & Verification
• Removal of device data using leading industry practices for media sanitization (NIST 800-88)

*Mobile DataRIP Vaults are available for secure onsite storage of data devices at your location.
Please contact us for pricing inquiries, consultation, and service at 616.451.4400.


Comprenew provides a full spectrum of recycling services to businesses, municipalities, hospitals and large organizations. In addition to customized asset management, data sanitization and destruction, we also provide transportation/logistics for recycled materials and the opportunity for you to host electronics recycling events for your employees or community. We can customize these events to suit your specific needs - including establishing a permanent drop off location - anytime of year.

For more information about our recycling event services, please call 616.451-4400.

Asset Recovery:

For our corporate and nonprofit customers, Comprenew offers the 20/20 Asset Buy-Back Program that reimburses you for the reusable assets from your recycled electronics and offers a discount in Comprenew stores for your employees.

Comprenew makes recycling convenient, accepting nearly all electronics with a battery or cord, free of charge in most cases, if they are brought to a Comprenew store. (CRT recycling price list.)  We handle all data-rich electronics securely, with the leading data sanitization processes in the industry. Our electronic lifecycle management model minimizes environmental impact by promoting reuse before recycling. We are e-Stewards and R2 Certified, with a zero landfill and export policy for all electronics and focus materials. Every electronic device is sanitized as standard protocol, free of charge. Certificates of Recycling are available upon request.


Click here to see a list of our Recycling locations.


Comprenew minimizes environmental impact by promoting reuse before recycling, so we offer high quality refurbished and vintage electronics along with new. Our retail stores carry a wide variety of manufacturers, such as Sony, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, and Apple. Each location also offers computer and mobile device repair and electronics drop-off for recycling. We accept anything with a battery or cord and we guarantee that all memory devices are cleared for free by highly trained professionals.

Examples of items for sale:

  • Desktop computers
  • Netbook computers
  • Laptop computers
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Stereo receivers
  • Blu-ray players
  • New wireless mice
  • Projectors (perfect for home movie theaters)
  • Refurbished RAM DDR3 4GB Sticks
  • Refurbished 17″ LCD Monitors
  • Desktop power supplies

    30-day warranty included with purchase.


Retail Locations:

  • Kentwood: 1454 28th St SE, 616-243-5310
  • Plainfield: 5157 Northland Dr NE, 616-226-6638
  • Holland: 520 Butternut Dr Suite 5, 616-355-4229

*Do you have a small business or are you looking to make a large purchase? Ask our retail associates about our special volume discounts!


Bootables (Retail):

Bootables is our new line of ready-for-resale laptops. These products are fully tested and functioning. Perfect for those who are looking for a low-cost laptop to build out to its full potential.

Digital Diggs (Retail):

Every retail location has a Digital Digg's section. Digital Digg's are electronics not fully tested for functionality and are ready for repair. These electronics are perfect for those who love to tinker with electronics and do their own repairs.

Device Repair:
Comprenew offers computer repair at our stores by our highly trained technicians. Call any of our stores for more information.
Kentwood – 616-243-5310
Plainfield – 616-226-6638
Holland – 616-355-4229