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Every time you purchase electronic devices, accessories, or computer parts from Comprenew, your proceeds help fund Comprenew’s community outreach programs for both adults and kids at risk.

Comprenew holds the highest level of certifications in the United States for both electronics recycling and data security. Comprenew minimizes environmental impact by promoting reuse before recycling, so we offer high quality refurbished and vintage electronics along with new. Our retail stores a wide variety of manufacturers such as Sony, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, and Apple. Each location also offers computer and mobile device repair and electronics drop-off for recycling. We accept anything with a battery or cord and we guarantees that all memory devices are cleared for free by highly trained professionals.

Examples of items for sale:
• Desktop computers starting at $40
• Netbook computers starting at $85
• Laptop computers starting at $130
• Flat screen TVs starting at $95
• Stereo receivers starting at $40
• Blue-ray players for only $45
• Mice and keyboards for only $3.50
• Projectors starting at $60 (perfect for home movie theaters)
• Refurbished RAM DDR3 4GB Sticks $18
• Desktop power supplies $10 and up

*Do you have a small business or are you looking to make a large purchase? Ask our retail associates about our special volume discounts!

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Digital Digg’s Items:

Every location has a Digital Diggs section. Digital Diggs are minimally tested electronics that are sold as-is, without a warranty. These electronics are perfect for those who love to tinker with electronics and do their own repairs.


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Non-staffed Dropoff (Attended by Comprenew's recycling partners.)


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