It is Comprenew’s mission to protect people and the environment from problems associated with electronics by not only by keeping electronic waste out of the landfills, but also extending the economic lifecycle of used electronics. In addition, we act as a resource for the community to educate about the hazards of e-waste while providing job readiness and training programs.

Workforce Development Program:  In partnership with a number of area agencies and organizations, this program equips adults with the necessary skills to be successful in the 21st century work environment.

Service Learning Program:  Hosts school, church, and community groups to educate and inspire to a heightened sense of care for the environment.

Connect for Parents:  Helps financially challenged families acquire a home computer and training. Comprenew’s goal is to close the digital divide while setting up families for success. For more information, Click here.


Comprenew is always looking for people who want to donate their time to learn more about environmental stewardship and gain hands-on experience by assisting with the electronics recycling process. Contact us today to find an opportunity that best fits your needs at or call Lynn Houseman at 616.988.8274.



Comprenew is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that does more than recycle unwanted electronics. We also foster job readiness among at-risk populations in our community through our workforce development programs. To do this we need your support. If you would like to make a contribution, please visit our DONATE page or contact Cindy Dorman at

Your help matters to the people in our community!




Comprenew does more than recycle unwanted electronics!

You may know that Comprenew is an electronics recycler, but you may not know we are a nonprofit organization with a dual mission: to protect people, the environment and businesses from the dangers of e-waste AND to engage with the community to address the problem of under- and unemployment for at-risk individuals. Our community engagement […]

Grand Rapids “Got the Lead Out” on Earth Day!

On Earth Day, Friday, April 22, Comprenew was downtown Grand Rapids along Monroe Center collecting CRTs for certified recycling. CRTs are old-style (box shaped) TVs and computer monitors. Each CRT contains five to ten pounds of lead. Thanks to residents and area businesses, Comprenew collected over 2,500 electronic devices! Thank you Grand Rapids for “Getting […]


Comprenew offers Service Learning opportunities for school, church and community organizations and businesses. Volunteers are taught about the current state of e-waste and its hazards and gain hands-on experience in our best-in-class electronics disassembly process and recycling techniques. *Prior to disassembly, Comprenew technicians remove all data from devices.

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volunteer Testimonials

West Michigan Creation Care has been partnering with Comprenew for six years. We keep coming back because the relationship works so well.

Values-in-action are important to us. Comprenew's ability to leverage multiple positive values simultaneously is outstanding. We appreciate Comprenew's commitment to the environment, recycling, community values, and community development.

Peter Boogaart
West Michigan Creation Care

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity this fall to recycle old electronics and computer parts. The use of your trailer for two days in our parking lot was greatly appreciated by our parishioners, and saved countless items from the landfill. We also are grateful of your donation representing part of the proceeds from your sale and reuse of these items. We look forward to working with you again.

Thank you for being a good steward of our earth. Again, thank you for your gift. You will be remembered in our prayers.

Rev. Msgr. R. Louis Stasker
Saint Mary's Roman Catholic Church

The Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center has worked with Comprenew now for over a year and is very appreciative of the time, dedication, training, and professional opportunities that Comprenew has been able to provide our students. Comprenew has a been an excellent community partner and we look forward to a long lasting relationship with their organization.

Gretchen LaHaie
Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center