Shopping Local for Black Friday Just Got Cheaper

Comprenew’s retail stores are excited to announce that they will be opening their doors at 8 am on November 27 for Black Friday deals. All proceeds generated from each store helps fund Comprenew’s educational and workforce development programs for both adults and kids at risk. Some of the Black Friday deals include: Windows 7 netbook […]

Help Keep Michigan Green & Our People Protected

Comprenew recently was awarded a grant from the State of Michigan to expand its PureMAPP electronic collection and education program. Comprenew currently has over 19 PureMAPP sites across Michigan and is looking for business partners to help sponsor 10 containers for 10 new drop-off locations. What is PureMAPP? Comprenew® partners with Michigan municipalities, counties, townships, cities, […]


Comprenew is proud to announce that we have joined Impact Recyclers, a nation-wide network of socially-minded certified (R2 and/or e-Stewards) electronic recyclers. All of the members of Impact Recyclers share a common purpose: they recycle, refurbish, and resell electronic waste (e-waste) to create jobs for people who would otherwise struggle to enter the workforce. Electronic waste […]

Academy for At Risk Inner-city Youth

The Comprenew Academy comes to an end on August 13, but what a great summer it’s been! The Academy is an environmentally-focused program for at risk inner-city youth that provides mentorship, direction, and preparation for the workforce. Our goal for each student is that they leave this summer’s program with skills to help them set and follow through […]

NSF International Certified Comprenew in Four Standards

Comprenew announced today that they just received official notification from NSF International (third party certification body) of their new e-Stewards V.2 certification (upgrade from 2009) and their re-certifications in R2, ISO-14001 and OHSAS 18001. This means that Comprenew continues to hold the highest levels of certifications in the United States for electronics recycling and data […]

Comprenew Receives Grant to Add 10 More Locations

Comprenew announced today that the Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) awarded them a $67,500 grant to expand their PureMAPP program. Comprenew’s PureMAPP program partners with municipalities, counties, conservation districts, townships, and cities to create permanent, staffed, electronic recycling collection sites. PureMAPP’s host partners provide communities with state registered, certified recycling solutions with convenient access […]


Starting this weekend, Comprenew trucks will be all over West Michigan supporting businesses and townships with electronics recycling for Earth Day celebrations. This Saturday, April 18, 2015, Comprenew is kicking off their Earth Day celebration by hosting a free data shred event from 9 am to noon at their Holland location (11379 East Lakewood Blvd, […]

Comprenew Celebrates Earth Day Early with Free Data Shred

On Saturday, April 18, 2015, Comprenew’s Holland Center (11379 East Lakewood Blvd, Holland, MI 49424) is hosting a free data shred day for the community and area businesses from 9 am to noon. Comprenew will be shredding hard-drives and other media items containing information, such as CD’s and DVD’s, while Advanced Document Destruction will be […]

LCD displays – Reuse, Disassemble or Shred?

Most LCD displays contain mercury vapor bulbs. If damaged, these bulbs will introduce mercury into the environment. Mercury must always be contained because even the smallest trace amounts in air or water can cause significant and lasting harm. For this reason Comprenew has never disassembled LCD displays. Most people understand that reusing an asset is […]

Electronic Take Back – Who will pay?

According to the Electronics Take Back Coalition’s website, 25 states have passed legislation mandating statewide e-waste recycling. This means that 65% of the U.S. population should now be covered. However, not all these state laws are bullet proof. Out of the 25 states with e-waste recycling laws, 23 have a producer responsibility law, which means […]