Thank you Spectrum Health Employees!

Spectrum Health teamed with Comprenew over the last 5 weeks to collect electronic items for recycling and have Comprenew responsibly process the items diverting them from local landfills. E-Waste is a major environmental concern, and Comprenew’s zero-landfill policy addresses the problem throughout Michigan.  Unwanted electronics can either become toxic refuse or recycled goods.  With the […]

Franklin Ave Construction – How to find us!

Good and bad news from our pals at MDOT: First the bad – you’re not going to get to Comprenew at 629 Ionia Ave SW from 131 and Franklin for awhile. Check it out here –,4616,7-151-9620_11057-275728–RSS,00.html Now the good (news) – Comprenew still operates 6 days a week and no construction work is going to […]